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Welcome: Intro & Overview
Mark Brown

Session 1: Where Law Meets Grace
Alan Brown

Session 2: Dispensationalism Contra Mundum
Brandon Carmichael

Session 3: Beginning of Law
Mark Brown

Session 4: In God's Government
Dr. Howard Cole

Session 5: The Feasts of Israel
Dr. Alan Brown

Session 6: The OT Sacrificial System
Mike McCubbins

Session 7: Under The Law
Mark Brown

Session 8: The 10 Commandments
Laurence Brown

Session 9: 10 Words From God
Alan Brown

Session 10: In The Gospel
Mike McCubbins

Session 11: The 1st & Greatest Commandment
John Reilly Sr.

Session 12: Preaching the 10 Commandments
Dr. Kevin Hobi

Session 13: Law & Grace Use & Misuse
Brian Demers

Session 14: Law & Grace In The Church
Brandon Carmichael & Tim Lewis

Session 15: In's & Outs of Law & Grace
Mark Brown


Session 16: Case Study - Grace In Action
Brian Demers

Session 17: God's Grace Has Appeared
Sean Cowland

Session 18: In The Incarnation
Howard Cole

Session 19: Grace Practicum
Brian Demers

Session 20: The Essence of Grace in Eph. & 2 Thes.
Laurence Brown

Session 21: Grace In Christ
Michael Carmichael

Before The Throne of Grace
Dan Delavan

The Music of Grace
Mark Strangman


Session 22: Grace In Sanctification
Laurence & Mark Brown

Session 23: The God Of All Grace
Tim Lewis

Session 24: Grace Abounding...All The More
Nate Hayman

Session 25: But Grow In Grace
Laurence Brown

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