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The Legacy of Dr. Brown


Dr. Kenneth Brown was a Pennsylvania farm boy born in 1928 who went on to teach in five colleges or seminaries, act as dean at San Francisco Baptist Seminary and Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, serve as Chairman of the Bible Division at Clearwater Christian College, and pastor churches in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, California, and Florida. He also served as an interim pastor approximately 30 times. He earned a B.S. in English, Bachelor of Theology, Masters of Theology, and a Doctorate of Theology. He and his wife, Zelda, had five children: Judy, Alan, Laurence, Mark, and Kurt. 

After accepting Christ as Savior through of the witness of his college roommate, Dr. Brown led his brother, Duane, to Christ while visiting home one weekend. After college graduation, Dr. Brown  submitted to God's call of the Gospel Ministry, married his wife, Zelda, and was ordained after receiving  a Batchelor of Theology degree. While working on a Masters Degree, he became highly passionate over New Testament (Koine) Greek influenced by the teachings of J. Gresham Machen. Dr. Brown mastered Koine Greek, and was one of the leading biblical scholars of the 20th century emphasizing the Bible's original languages, the meaning of words, syntax, grammar, pastoral ethics, dispensationalism, and the Holy Spirit's role in the life of the believer. 

As a scholar with a pastor's heart, Dr. Brown taught his students to think as well as listen. One of his great contributions to scholarship is the truth that while the context of a Greek words is vitally important in determining meaning, words themselves also have distinct meanings that must be combined with a context. Words without context still have a meaning! Therefore, proper word study of Bible terms must be justified if one believes in the verbal inspiration of Scripture.  He used to say, "The words of God compose the Word of God."

In his son Laurence's words, "The original language/careful exegesis methodology of Dr. Kenneth Brown was disseminated to thousands of students who went on to become pastors, church-planters, Bible translators, seminary and college professors, Christian school teachers, and authors. Their influence continues to point people to Christ and to edify the saints around the globe." Dr. Ken Brown was dissatisfied with his students receiving pre-digested exegesis. He insisted in giving his students the "tools to do your own thinking - the ability to competently, accurately handle the Scriptures in the languages, so that God's people would be spiritually well-fed."

After his retirement from full-time ministry, Dr. Brown partnered with his sons in an effort to impact more pastors and Bible students by teaching exegetical and ministry skills in a supportive, fellowship-based environment. This is how Shepherds' Haven was born. In recents years, Dr. Brown's sons have begun to pass the torch by discipling the next generation of pastors to continue their father's heritage and godly legacy.  

Each year in the second week of March, Shepherds' Haven hosts a conference for pastors and church leaders to sharpen their ministry tools for God's glory. Will you join us? 

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