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Session 1: Welcome & Overview
Mark Brown

Session 2: A Biblical Theology of Ministry
Dr. Bruce McAllister

Session 4: The Call of God
Laurence Brown

Session 5: The Coming Shortage of Pastors Dr. Bruce McAllister

Session 7: Transitions and Revitalization from Titus
Dr. Marshall Fant

Session 10: Knowing and Reaching Your Jerusalem
Dr. Marshall Fant

Session 13: The Family Living For Christ
Pastor Howard Cole

Session 8: Finishing Well and Transitioning Better
Dr. Bruce McAllister

Session 11: The Healthy Hearted Pastor

Session 14: The Look of Gracious Living
Dr. Alan Brown

Session 16: Hanging on to the Past
Pastor Brian Demers

Session 17: Leadership Training Through Disciple Makers
Pastor Ted Rich

Session 19: The Kindness of God
Laurence Brown

Session 20: Future Leadership - Text and Testimony
Pastor Jeff Briden

Session 3: The State of Your Church
Dr. Marshall Fant

Session 6: Common Traits of Healthy Churches 
Dr. Marshall Fant

Session 9: Dealing with Dissenters and Disruptors in the Church
Dr. Alan Brown

Session 12: Q&A Panel
Dr. Bruce McAllister &
Dr. Marshall Fant

Session 15: The Apostleship of Titus
Pastor Howard Cole

Session 18: Protestant Purgatory & its Progression into Universalism
Pastor Tim Lewis

Session 21: Putting an End to Boring Benedictions
Pastor Justin Weberg

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