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Session 1: The Death March of the Messiah
Pastor Tim Lewis

Session 3: This is My Body, This is My Blood
Pastors Laurence and Mark Brown

Session 5: The Illegality of Christ's Trial
& The Crimes of Christ
Pastor Howard Cole

Session 7: The Three Silent Days
Pastor Alan Brown

Session 2: The Day Christ Died
Pastor Howard Cole

Session 4: The Anthem of the Dying Lamb
Pastor Alan Brown

Session 6: It Is Finished - 
What Did Christ's Death Accomplish?
Pastor Justin Weberg

Session 8: I Cor 15 - The Content of the Gospel
Pastor Sean Cowland

Session 9: The Resurrection Body
Pastor Brian Demers

Session 10: Homiletics
Pastor Alan Brown

Session 11: Preaching Narrative Passages
Pastor Justin Weberg

Session 12: Feed My Sheep - John 21
Pastor Frank Hayman

Session 13: Resurrection & the Kingdom
Pastor Brian Demers

Session 14: The Gospel and Counseling
Pastor Dan Delevan

Session 15: Grace in Separation

Pastor Kevin Hobi

Session 17: Resurrection in the Old Testament
Pastor Nate Hayman

Session 19: Allowing the Resurrection to Shape Your Worship
Pastor Mark Brown

Session 21: The Power of the Resurrection
Pastor Ted Rich

Session 23: 1 Corinthians 15:58
Pastor Sean Cowland

Session 16: Doubting Thomas
Pastor Ted Rich

Session 18: Resurrection in Acts
Pastor Laurence Brown

Session 20: The Order of the Resurrections
Pastor Justin Kauffman

Session 22: Sermon Seeds & Series Starters
Pastors Alan Brown, Howard Cole, & Laurence Brown

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