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Alan & Kathy Brown

Pastor Alan Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts from Faith Baptist Bible College, a Masters of Divinity from San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary, a Masters of Theology from Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, a Doctorate of Ministry from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, and has completed the Ph.D. program at Bob Jones University with the dissertation still pending.


In January 1997 the Lord led Pastor Brown and his family here to Parsippany Baptist Church. In addition to the pastorate, in 2005 he was confirmed as a member of the Board of Education for Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Minnesota. Prior to coming to Parsippany Baptist Church, Pastor Brown served on the faculty of the Detroit Theological Seminary and ministered for 15 years as the senior pastor of Pine Valley Baptist Church in Pine Valley, NY. Pastor Brown's wife, Kathy, brings many strengths to the ministry as well. Her love for the Lord and concern for others has been a constant encouragement to our church family. The Lord has blessed them with four children -- Tabitha, Aaron, Matthew, and Jessica.

In the summer of 2022, Alan and Kathy retired from full-time ministry, and relocated to St. Maries, Idaho to live in their cabin affectionately named, Shiloh, a Hebrew word meaning meaning "Heavenly Peace." Both Alan and Kathy are still active in ministry through the local church. 

Dr. Alan Brown
Retired Pastor and Chancellor of Shepherds' Haven


Fun Facts

  • Served as a pastor for almost 41 years.

  • Children are Tabitha, Aaron, Matthew, Jessica

  • Grandchildren are Shaelyn, Mikayla, Grace

  • Point of Interest—Retiring from the pastorate this summer. Moving to a remote, tiny cabin in northern Idaho.

  • If the Lord allows us to build an addition, we hope to open our home and hearts to minister to believers who might benefit from this unique retreat.

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