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Brandon  grew up a farmer's son in the Southern Tier of New York State. He was saved by Jesus Christ at the age of 6 and baptized at 8. He met his wife, Emily (née Milroy), in Winston Salem, NC, where they both graduated from Bible College in 2008.

Emily grew up here at Victory Baptist Church, the youngest daughter of our Pastor Emeritus, Daniel Milroy.

In 2010 Brandon and Emily joined Baptist Mid-Missions, headed to work in Brazil. They came to VBC in early 2011 and based their deputation ministry here in Albion. In early 2015 they left for Brazil, where they served as church planting missionaries until mid 2020.

On May 31, 2020 VBC called Brandon and Emily back home from Brazil for Brandon to serve as our pastor. They arrived back from Brazil in September, 2020 to begin this new ministry.

Brandon has a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Piedmont Baptist College and a Master of Arts in Bible from Maranatha Baptist University.

Brandon and Emily have three daughters: Chloe, Grace, and Erin.

Brandon Carmichael
Pastor, Victory Baptist Church, Albion, NY

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Fun Facts

  • Served in Brazil as a missionary for 5.5 years.

  • Pastoring his former sending church, and the church his father-in-law pastored for 18 years before him.

  • He is an MDiv student at Central Baptist Seminary, and earned a BA from Piedmont Baptist College, and an MA from Maranatha Baptist Seminary.

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