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Pastor Laurence Brown has served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church of North Conway since 1997. Pastor Brown grew up in a seminary professor's home and lived in Pennsylvania, New York, California and Michigan. He has the advantages of scholarly training (University of Michigan, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Mansfield University, Empire State Baptist Seminary and the Pine Valley Baptist Church Ministerial Training Program), along with practical experience as a layman, deacon, assistant pastor, Bible institute teacher, and senior pastor.

Prior to accepting the call to serve in North Conway, Pastor Brown, his wife Lorie and their five children lived in Waterville, New York, for about 10 1/2 years. Pastor Brown served as the Senior Pastor of the Waterville Baptist Church. While leading the flock there, he developed a local church pastoral training program, initiated a publishing ministry in the church, and served as director of the Mid-York Baptist Bible Institute, a co-operative effort of ten local, fundamental Baptist churches in central New York State.

Pastor and Lorie are thrilled to be serving the Lord at First Baptist, and are enormously enjoying living in the Granite state. Their five children are Rebekah, Sarah, Stephen, Rachel and Timothy. Stephen and his wife Becky have given Pastor and Lorie four beautiful granddaughters.

Pastor Brown's philosophy of ministry is based on the belief that the Word of God, when faithfully preached and taught, and received by hearts that are eager to receive it, believe it and obey, will cause genuine spiritual growth.

Laurence Brown
Pastor, First Baptist Church of North Conway, NH

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